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Quilts as Art

Be ready to see “quilts as art” in a whole new way. Technically meeting the definition of a quilt (three layers joined by stitches), these are certainly not your grandmother’s quilts!

I utilize an unlimited array of vibrant fabrics, fibers and mixed media elements as my palette to create one-of-a-kind, original works of art, which include abstract landscapes and vivid, textural geometric designs. I also design and create small pieces of “art to go” – functional and beautiful mini-pieces of art to enjoy in your everyday life – as well as “Sacred Threads,” meaningful custom quilted art pieces, legacy quilts and memory lovey quilts for warmth and comfort.

Additionally, I adore Sparking the Creativity in others on their artistic path, teaching what I have learned to others in private or group classes, workshops and group presentations.

With gratitude and love, I am daring to freely live my richly-textured and blessed life in vivid color … one piece of fabric at a time.

Many of my pieces of artwork featured in this Portfolio are available for sale. Please click on Shop or use the Contact page to reach me for commissions, pricing and sale details.