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In order to awaken the world to my light, I must not be afraid to shine.” 

~ Gabrielle BernsteinCreatingGayleLLC_creatinggayle[dot]com_2015_AllRtsRsvd_Create_Yourself

“I adore sparking the creativity inherit in each of my students.  That is why I launched the “CreatingU” educational division of CreatingGayleLLC.” – Gayle

At the beginning of each of my classes or workshops, during introductions, I often ask my students what motivated them to sign up and what they are hoping to get from the class.  More often than not, my workshops and classes attract a person who either feels that they are terrific at following patterns or directions that others have written, but aren’t necessarily “creative” or perhaps someone who has that little whisper in their ear encouraging them to expand their artistic repertoire but are not quite sure how to begin.

You know I don’t believe any of that, right?


Students all realize that they are safe, heard, respected and together in the presence of other like-minded, supportive individuals who are desirous of intuitive expression but hesitant at what that path might feel like.



By the end of an afternoon, it is the most rewarding and incredible feeling to receive my students’ feedback that they all shed some of their initial, often long-held, resistance and that they so enjoyed breaking free and playing with the fabrics and fibers in a whole new way.  As if a light was switched on – wow, they are able to make original works of abstract, mixed media fiber art of their very own!  Love that.




What an honor and gift it is to me personally to help be a light and guide for each of my students, who put their trust in me and bravely take a creative leap of faith in a very personal way.



Are you ready to expand your repertoire of creative skills beyond the traditional?

You are feeling the need to “Break out of the Block,” aren’t you?

If you hold the “belief” that you just aren’t “creative” but are ready to expand and grow your quilting skills, I’d love to hear from you.

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Here are just a few of the classes, workshops, retreats and presentations that I teach. I am happy to tailor my offerings to your group of any size. Drop me a line – let’s chat!

  • Foto-to-Fabric Abstract Landscape Art Quilt: With my intuitive artistic approach, I guide each student through the process, tips and techniques to design and create their own original Abstract Landscape Art Quilt  inspired by a selection of each student’s own photographs.  This can be a presented in 2- or 3-class sessions over consecutive weeks or in an expanded format on retreat over 2 days.


  • Festive Fiber Fun: I can tailor this wonderful class in numerous ways, ranging from making your own original work of abstract art to making all sorts of functional art pieces perfect for gift giving. Join in the fun as you immerse yourself in a “no mistakes, no stress, no worries, all festive fiber fun” exploration to discover and nurture your artistic voice. Perfect for holiday-themed gift project classes as well. So many more images on my Gallery, Pinterest and Instagram.



  • Surface Design Techniques in Fiber Art: I enjoy presenting my 1-hour Power Point Presentation to groups, shops and guilds together with a showing of my original works of art. There is always plenty of extended time for Q&A and show and tell. Contact me for pricing, calendar availability and contract terms.

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Nurture your new-found Inspiration.

Join in the Colorful Fun and Spark your Creative Spirit with Gayle at a CreatingU Class.

Kathy’s class project from Gayle’s “Spring in the Abstract Art Quilt Class.”


Hope to See You Soon!