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Teaching & Testimonials

I adore teaching what I know and encouraging creative expression in a safe, inspiring environment. I’m known to say that there aren’t any mistakes in art, only creative opportunities.  My art quilt classes always aim to bring out the natural artist in my students and help them realize their creative visions for themselves. I welcome coming to your guild or quilt shop to teach a workshop. I also teach young tweens and teens to sew.

Please send me a note via my Contact page for inquiries and please sign up in the Keep In Touch section (located below every web page) to receive occasional newsletters and hear more updates. Looking forward to hearing from you.


B e a u t i f u l   W o r d s

“If you didn’t make it today, you missed out on a great presentation by Gayle on what to expect in the upcoming class in October. Gayle’s passion for all areas of art was evident in her enthusiastic presentation. She is one heck of a teacher.  I had a great time and met some fun and creative people. The activity was awesome and even nervous nelly me had a good time doing it. Never thought I could think on my feet so to speak. Anyway, those of you that missed it, be sure and come to the next time we are together. – Sharon S. – CreatingU-Sparking Creativity Tampa Bay Meetup Member”


“Hi Gayle,
Last year you taught a class at Happy Apple on making a quilt based on a photo. I was in that 2 part class and finally finished it in time for our guild’s quilt show. Happy to say it came in First Place in the Small Quilt Category! I was planning on showing it to you when you speak at our guild but it is hanging at the Elementals exhibit in the Dunedin Fine Arts Center. I so enjoyed making this quilt and can’t wait to start another. It is titled: ‘A view from my window.’
Thank you,

“GAYLE! ITS HERE! ITS HERE!!! I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT! Haha! Words seriously fail me! Its so wonderful, and so much like I imagined. I cannot thank you enough. I’m really moved by it–sniff sniff. Each little bit is such a vivid memory. THANK YOU. It is stunning. <3 I can’t wait to see the photos!!! I’m sorry this is short, but all I can do is pour over it and take in all the details.
THANK YOU!!!”    -Ame (Upon receiving delivery of her Custom Rainbow California King Google T-shirt Memory Quilt, blogged about here.)

“Hi Gayle,
Your Torah covers are truly exquisite!  I’m sure the Congregation will love and cherish them for many years. As an artist how wonderful to have your work in such a spiritual place appreciated on so many levels. Thank you for sharing them with us.
Warmest regards,

Dear Gayle, I had an opportunity to see the custom Torah mantle today.  It is absolutely magnificent. I can not thank you enough.

“Hi Gayle,
Thanks for a wonderful class! Learned lots!

We met at a workshop in Green Bay. I was so impressed with your abstract artistry and delightful use of color. I will be in Dunedin for the month of February. Wondering what you are offering for classes during that time. May be able to find a couple more interested.

….and then after the amazing class that Lois helped inspire, she wrote…

Thanks so much for a great day! I got a good start to my hanging bridge pic and Pam is thrilled with what she created for her birthday gift. I was so pleased that you were able to help her with some machine quilting. Mary also got a good start to her baptism gift.
Nice time, lots of creative techniques and loads of inspiration.
Thank you so much for hosting CreatingU.
I look forward to future events.

I finished my banner today that will appear at the baptism of my grandson next Sunday.  Thank you for the guidance, and I look forward to attending another class with you.

“IT WAS A GREAT DAY!!! I got to try some new ideas, be creative, and come close to finishing a project…AMAZING! Just an edge binding and I can hang it!!!
Thank you Gayle, and those who were there to share in the experience.

“I couldn’t be happier! The siddur cover is amazing and beautiful!! Every time I look at it, it makes me smile. Gayle was so easy to work with and she answered all of my questions ahead of time. When it comes time for my second son to get a siddur cover, I will go through Gayle again! AMAZING!!!  -Sarah”

“This is my second siddur cover designed and made by Gayle. Both my sons love how she listened to what they wanted and created something completely unique to them. Her quality is exceptional and worth every penny. This is something my boys will treasure always. Gayle also was able to make a very tight deadline both times and shipped it with days to spare. Thanks again Gayle you are a true artist! – Lauren”

“Hi Gayle,  You are awesome!!!  Thank you so much again for everything you have done for my son Benjamin. You were highly recommended to me by more than one parent at Hillel and I will definitely do the same and keep you in mind for my other two kids in the future.  Sincerely,  Adriana”

Reviews from happy clients may also be found and read on my online Etsy shop.

H o w  t o   M a k e   a n   A r t i s t ‘ s  H e a r t   S h i n e

“Dear Gayle,
Life got away from me and I just now had the opportunity to open up the siddur cover and read your sweet note also. ~ It is ABSOLUTELY MAGNIFICENT!!!!!! ~ I just tried it on the siddur and it fits perfectly as well. I love the white sparkly material, the colorful quilted fabrics, and the star of David, just everything is exactly [my son]. I want to say thank you for an absolutely creative, beautiful gift that I know he is going to treasure. Can’t wait to “commission” you for many more projects for the future! I will be sure to send you a photo from his Siddur Cover Ceremony.
Fondly and with thanks, Lisa
P.S. will be thrilled to pass your name on to anyone who asks (and they will once they see it.)”

“Hi Gayle,
Thank you so much for the absolutely magnificent Siddur covers. They are truly beautiful and my boys were absolutely delighted. I can feel all the love and attention that went into them. Something they will treasure at all times. I am eternally grateful. Thank you so much for going the extra mile at such short notice.
I hope to be in contact in the near future as I would like to continue adding CreatingGayle products to my home.
Take care and keep adding beauty to the world.
Warm regards,

“I love your work. Seeing it on line is one thing but having it in my hands gave me a totally different appreciation for your work. Thanks for all of your help and time. I know my friend will love this beautiful gift.” – Etsy client

Good morning. I hope today will be a good day for you. I sit here, wondering what it must be like to create such beauty every day.
I received the legacy items yesterday and opened them up late last night…. They are all so beautiful. Thank you for creating them for me. I see that in the quilt, you did bring in, not only the batiks, but the original oceanic themed pieces as well. The harmony between them all was perfect. And I loved the “love tree” pillow. I spent last night just touching the quilt and pillow, feeling its texture, running my fingers through each swirl on the blanket, and vein on every leaf. Simply amazing what you can do. It makes me wish for artistic talent. I am at a loss for words at how much these pieces mean to me, and what you have done for me. I will be in touch again soon.
-Beth” (upon her receipt of her custom legacy memory T-shirt quilt and three custom legacy pillows)

“Oh, my goodness! It is so amazing, Gayle! Thank you so much.
I cannot wait to get the [London-NYC ‘Power of Love’ wedding anniversary] quilt to my sister-in-law and her husband! They are going to freak out. When I gave them your card, she started to cry with the beauty and love. I can’t wait. The photos are just awesome! I also love the beautiful image of it over the creek you sent.
Thank you so much again for your dedication. I will certainly write a glowing recommendation on Etsy, but please let me know if there are any other spaces or places that would be useful for me to write a recommendation on.

[The custom London-NYC ‘Power of Love” wedding anniversary quilt] is even more beautiful than the photos.
As the young ‘uns say: Totally awesome!

“I just have to say my friend that I love, love, love reading your communications. You are so eloquent, heart felt, creative and a wonderful communicator. Your thoughts and the choice of words that you use to express them are just stunning.

“Hey there. You created an amazing Siddur Cover last year for my [daughter]. She loves it, she uses her Siddur often. Lucky for us we have [our other daughter] who is now a second grader and needs a siddur cover as well. I would love to tell you about her. [Her sister’s] OPPOSITE in every way!! I hope you are well and hope you are continuing to make Siddur Covers.
Best to you,

“Thank you for the great class at Happy Apple. I learned lots and had so much fun.  I’m attaching a picture of my finished project. – Lora”

Once again I’m awed. I’ve shared the picture and your website link of the quilt on my FB page.  People all over the country are commenting and showing the pics to coworkers, etc.  I’m getting reports of people being moved to tears.  From the bottom of my heart, once again, thank you, friend!
-Rob” (upon receiving his custom commission legacy art quilt in memory of his loving Melissa entitled, “No Longer Waiting for a Miracle,” described with more detail here.)

“I wanted to let you know that Pat & Kate absolutely loved the wedding quilt!! We gave it to them at a quiet time in their home and they were both surprised and delighted. I told them the story about the evolution of the theme and your design ideas. They were as amazed as I was at the artistry of the fabrics and uniqueness of the sunflower side.
“We can’t thank you enough for sharing the work of your hands for this special occasion. They will cherish the quilt for many years to come and wrap themselves in it’s warmth and the love that it embodies.
With endless gratitude,
Diane & Bill”
“Gayle, Ryan finally received his quilt (they were out of town when I shipped it, so they just picked it up earlier this week upon their return.) HE LOVES IT!!! Thank you, thank you! It is so special and he totally gets it 🙂 – Suzy”